Products Introduction And Marketing Event In Ben Xi

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China Special Vechile Production Base Hold Products Introduction And Marketing Event In Ben Xi
2013 China Special Vechile Production Base Products Introduction and Marketing Event was co-hold by Liaoning Province Economic and Information Commission,Benxi Goverment and Tie Ling Goverment in
Fuhong International Hotel,Ben Xi,30-07-2013.Gao Hongbin,The mayor of Ben Xi,watched the show of special vechile and made a speech on the spot.Li Bing,the director of Liao Ning EIC,and Lin Qiang,the mayor of Tie Lin also attended the event.
China Special Vechile Production Base located in Tie Ling is one of the intensive industrial cluster of  Liao Ning Province. It can produce the  six categories of Environmental Sanitation,Snow Removal,Road Maintenance,Self-Discharging,Engineering,almost 800 kinds ,10000 type of Special Vechiles, has the  production capacity  of  10 thousand sets in annual.The promotion event is for the implementation of openning up a new vechile sales mode which came up by the province governor when theyt investigated the base. Ben Xi is one of the 4 promotion stations,which is Dan Dong,Ben Xi,Liao Yang,Fu Shun.During the promotion,high-pressure sewer flushing vehicle and compression refuse collector ,snow removal and self-discharging vechile of six company which demonstrated their functions in the exhibition.

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